Summer Homework

Summer Homework


Teacher Course Name Assignments
Snider IB Visual Arts/Honors Art Join Google Classroom.
Code to join: 95d9tyk (2018)

Business & Marketing

Teacher Course Name Assignments
Caliga IB Business and Management No Summer Assignments (2018)



Teacher Course Name Assignments
Murtaugh & Prew English/Language Arts 9 Honors / Pre-IB / Pre-AP Summer Reading (2018)
Rauh Honors English 12 Summer Assignments (2018)
Spence  IB English 11: Language and Literature IB English 11 Summer Assignment (2018)
List of Brands (2018)
Buchanan-Lind AP English Literature and Composition AP Literature Summer Homework (2018)
Neel & Sherman AP English Language and Composition AP Lang Summer Reading (2018)
Buchanan-Lind IB Language and Literature IB 12 – Summer Homework (2018)
 Neel & Quinter  Honors English 10 Summer assignment (2018)

Family & Consumer Sciences

Mathematics & Computer Science

Teacher Course Name &Assignments
Brown & Peronard Honors Geometry No Summer Assignments  (2018)
Cummings & Schulz Honors Algebra 2 Summer Assignment (2018)
Watts-Gebhard IB Mathematical Studies SL Join class in Google Classroom 
Code to join: xa1gub (2018)
Letourneau IB Mathematics SL Visit my webpage (2018)
Child & Letourneau Honors Precalculus/Trigonometry
Summer Assignment (2018)
Letourneau AP Calculus AB & BC Summer Assignment (2018)
Child Calculus  No Summer Assignments (2018)
Cummings AP Statistics No Summer Assignments (2018)
Hoffert AP Computer Science Principles No Summer Assignments (2018)
Hoffert IB Computer Studies No Summer Assignments (2018)

Performing Arts

Teacher Course Name &Assignments
Sorrel IB Music Summer HW Instructions (2018)
Summer HW Assignment (2018)
Swiercinsky IB Theater Arts Join Google Classroom.  
Code to join: 274e9tc

Physical Education


Teacher Course Name &Assignments
Christianssen & Anderson Honors Biology No Summer Assignments(2018)
Bowman IB Biology - Juniors No Summer Assignments (2018)
Christianssen IB Biology - Seniors No Summer Assignments (2018)
Anderson AP Biology Summer Homework Packet (2018)
Muenchow Honors Physics No Summer Assignments (2018)
Muenchow IB Physics - Year One No Summer Assignments (2018)
Muenchow IB Physics - Year Two No Summer Assignments (2018)
Long AP Physics Summer Assignment (2018)
Rozelle Honors Chemistry - Intro No Summer Assignments (2018)
Rozelle AP Chemistry Purchase Textbook and Laboratory Notebook (2018)

Social Studies

Teacher Course Name &Assignments
Weimert 9th Grade Honors U.S. Government Comprehensive No Summer Assignments (2018)
Miller 9th Grade Honors World Geography No Summer Assignments (2018)
Bartholomew AP U.S. History Summer Homework (2018)
Dunda AP World History AP World History Summer Homework (2018)
AP Six Glasses Summer Homework (2018)
Weimert AP U.S. Government and Politics Summer Homework (2018)
Luna IB History of the Americas 11th grade Summer Homework (2018)
Honeycutt IB World Religions No Summer Assignments (2018)

World Languages

Teacher Course Name &Assignments
Berkenkamp Spanish 1 Honors Spanish 1 Honors Summer Prep (2018)
Google Slide Country Project (2018)
Frases útiles (2018)
Para empezar vocabulario (2018)
Berkenkamp Spanish 2 Spanish 2 – What to Know (2018)
ER and IR verbs (2018)
Banker Spanish 2 Honors Spanish 2 Honors Summer Homework (2018)
Páez Spanish 3 Honors Summer Homework (2018)
Páez French 4/IB 1 Summer Homework (2018)
Guerra Spanish 4/IB1 Join Google Classroom
Code for Block 6 = c2ns6P (2018)
Code for Block 8 = bcfa59 (2018)
O'Rourke Spanish IB2/AP Summer Homework (2018)
McKinley AP/IB/Honors French No Summer Assignments (2018)


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