Why DRHS chose Chromebooks:

Lenovo Computer
: It is reasonably priced

Portability: Size of the device allows for comfortable visibility and minimal weight in backpacks

Durability: Rugged enough for daily student use

Battery longevity: 11 hours

Usage: Supports and facilitates use of G-Suite for Education

Lenovo 300e Chromebook Specs:


The Lenovo 300e Flip/Touch notebooks are purposely designed for the K-12 market with "ruggedized" features, combining reinforced ports, stronger hinges, a spill-proof keyboard, and anti-peel keys to protect the system in the classroom. The device is optimized for applications requiring a larger screen size, and it boasts generous memory and storage.

What if I don't want that device?

All 9th graders will receive a Lenovo 300e flip/touch screen Chromebook starting with the freshman class of 2023. (2019-2020 school year)

You may: 
Connect to the Instructional Network with their personal devices.

Teachers won't be able to enroll the device in the classroom management system, ensuring the safety and integrity of your student while online.
Personal devices are not allowed for PSAT and SAT testing.

Teachers and support staff can't troubleshoot issues with device.

No educational apps automatically pushed out to the device.

No warranty or repair services through the school.

Chromebooks are the right choice for DRHS

The staff at Dakota Ridge High School in collaboration Jeffco Public Schools has been very deliberate in choosing the Chromebook to serve our teachers and students as we move to a 1:1 Blended Learning environment; we believe the Chromebook is an appropriate tool for all students accessibility and equity of learning.

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