Frequently Asked Questions:

When will my student receive their Chromebook?
Chromebook Connect Initiative (CCi) Talking Points
All freshman who have purchased a Chromebook will pick up their device during their Seminar class on Freshman Orientation Day.

Questions?? - Contact Robin Luster @ 303-982-8791

What is a Chromebook and how is it different from a laptop?

Watch video "Introducing the Chromebook"

I already have a device. Can I have my student bring that to school instead of buying one?

Yes, if it meets the minimum requirements. There are some major disadvantages to this See "Devices" page for details.

What happens when my student leaves DRHS?

It is yours to keep after filling out the "bill of sale" form in the financial office and Jeffco security management license will be removed from the device.

Can students print from a Chromebook?

Yes, at home when using a Google Cloud Printer. No, at school, but students can access and print all documents from computer labs and in the DRHS library.

Can a Chromebook be used offline?
Yes, but you will need to do a few things ahead of time when you are online.
        Click here for video tutorial.

I don't want to purchase the device the school is offering. Which type of device would the school prefer I purchase if I choose to go out and buy one?
Chromebook because of the ease of connection, lower distraction opportunities,
consistency of devices within a classroom

Can I use a phone as a device?

No. See reasons why

Can I use an iPad as a device?
        Preferably not

Will my student be using the device all day in every class?

No. Teachers will be implementing technology gradually. The school is committed to providing ongoing training to teachers and students in best practices and innovative technology integration that will redefine and transform the types of tasks that students will be able to do.

Technology will be used when it is the best educational tool; however, not all learning happens best on a screen. Teachers will use the best research-based instructional practices--high-tech, low-tech, and no-tech--to expose students to a variety of learning experiences and to prepare them for future endeavors in college and/or careers.
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